[Clug-work] Set up HP Server Ubuntu 14.4 to provide internet access to Informal settlements

CLUG @ Rob clug at rob.co.za
Fri Sep 7 11:35:32 SAST 2018

Hi Guys 

I am looking for someone with skills\experience to assist with setting
up a Linux server to provide internet access to the informal settlement
in Hout Bay. 

This will be paid work. 

The hardware chain is as follows: 

 	* Ubiquiti Access Point
 	* Mikrotek Router [connected to the HP server _and_ the internet via a
Draytek Vigor ADSL modem]
 	* HP Server running Ubuntu 14.4

The process for a user should be as follows: 

 	* Connect to the AP
 	* Get routed to a Wordpress website running under Apache on the Linux
 	* After reading some information on the website, get routed back to
the Mikrotek to use it's embedded software to get validated via
HotSpotSystem [1]
 	* Get free access to the Internet

We have most of this set up, but are having problems ironing out the
final steps i.e. matching up the IP ranges in HotSpotSystem with those
on the Mikrotek and those available on the Linux server. 

Someone who helped us before introduced a "dynamic DNS" capability into
the system but we think this is not necessary. They are not Cape Town
based, so we don't have access to them anymore. 

Is anyone willing to pick up, or assist with this work?
Many thanks


[1] http://www.hotspotsystem.com/

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