[Clug-work] [outsource] website hosting

Stuart Murray-Smith stuart.murray.smith at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 16:10:15 SAST 2016

Greetings cluggers

I'm looking for someone who can host a few websites:

- (very) low bandwidth
- low maintenance: the admin (you) [uploads|backs up] websites using zip
files sent [from|to] me
- html,php,python... easy stuff :)
- I look after DNS and registrars
- uptime not mission-critical, but market-related
- hosting company (you) *should* be an opensource/Linux startup with
invoicing/statement generation
- you do the server admin/security
- this requirement is for website hosting only ie HTTP(S)... Google Apps
manages email etc
- admin must be able to provide log files, preferably in raw text format
- monthly SLA to start with

Please contact me offlist.



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