[Clug-work] Support/sysadmin/programming role at zootzone.com

Dale Gallagher zoot-7x5fwi7z8am4 at zootzone.com
Thu Jul 21 14:56:23 SAST 2016

Hello everyone

This is my first post here. Please respond off-list, including your CV, 
with an introduction. If you're curious, but unsure, send through 
questions, for further clarity.


zootzone.com is an Internet hosting company, offering domain (DNS), 
email and web hosting to customers ranging from individuals to SMEs in 
the professions and various well-known SA brands.

Technologies in use: Linux (Slackware) on a well established cloud 
platform, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, tinydns, qpsmtpd, qmail, Dovecot, Kyoto 
Tycoon Key-Value store, Perl, Python, Python Flask (customer control 
panel, under development) and a smattering of PHP. So, not your 
run-of-the-mill tech stack!

We're a small team, pushing for growth, so we're looking for people who 
are excited to work hard and in a rapidly changing environment.


Ideally, we're looking for a multi-faceted person, who's hungry to learn 
and prepared to begin with a mix of customer support and system 
administration, with a view to understanding multiple aspects of the 
business before discovering where they'd like to fit into our growing 

If you're already skilled in system administration (Sysadmin/DevOps), 
system programming, web services APIs and web development of our growing 
infrastructure, in one, or more of Perl/Python/Ruby/C/C++/Lua/PHP and 
similarly prolific languages, then we can negotiate a more hybrid role, 
with a view to moving your career in the preferred direction.


Given that this published role isn't fixed and the chosen candidate's 
position and salary might vary, please consider these skills as a 
guideline only.

- Excellent people skills, with the ability to explain technical 
concepts to others with far less understanding than yourself, and with 
empathy and patience.
- A fairly robust understanding of email, web and DNS hosting, 
understanding terms like POP3/IMAP/SMTP/HTTP/TCP/SSL/API.
- Well-versed in UNIX/Linux/BSD systems, but not necessarily at a very 
in-depth level. You understand the UNIX philosophy and understand what 
package management, shell scripting and servers are all about.
- Can program in one, or more of Perl/Python/Ruby/C/C++/Lua/PHP or 
another similarly prolific language.
- Have experience with cloud platforms like Linode/AWS/Google Cloud.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

Dale Gallagher

Founder & Managing Director

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