[Clug-work] System Admin with interest in cyber security

Martin Potgieter martin at nclose.com
Fri Jul 8 11:09:08 SAST 2016

Hello All,

About Us:
Although the subject says “system administrator” this position is a bit  broader. We are an IT security solutions provider who resell security  technologies and related services including consulting. We are a team of  about 20 with a head office in CPT and a smaller office in JHB.

The Opportunity:
We need someone to join the team who will assist in building systems for  our clients to allow us to automate monitoring. Most of this will be  built on open source systems, and the person will have the opportunity  to be involved with the design process.
We are also building security analytics solutions using Elasticsearch,  so you will also get involved with that. Depending on your interest, you  will also have an opportunity to be involved with the penetration  testing and vulnerability assessment team.

Successful candidate:
The successful candidate will be passionate about technology and  computers and probably have more than a single PC at home (one is  definitely running a linux/BSD flavour of sorts). System administration  skills with a good understanding of networking will be very helpful.  Knowledge and experience of MS operating systems and applications will  also help, but some basic scripting in Bash, Python or some other  language will probably be more useful. Some type of certifications are  useful but not a requirement as we generally look for passion first and  experience next. As we are open to a wide range of experience and skill  the salary will be market related but note this is more a junior to mid  level position.

If you have questions or would like to submit a CV please send to me off list.  

Martin Potgieter
Technical Director

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