[Clug-work] cups/samba

Lancia Auto R Sales sales at lancia.co.za
Thu Aug 4 12:26:50 SAST 2016

Our cups/samba printing has given up again, not even the ipp printing is working anymore.
In desperation I have now resorted to print to pdf in windows , upload with ssh and print via lp command,
but you cant run a business like this.
Needless to say that as desperation grows so does the price tag that we have to spend on the resolution.
Somebody must we able and willing to attend to that.
In anticipation: Felix 021 4478350

Yours Sincerely 
Felix Furtak B.Eng. (Hons.) 

Woodstock <http://wifi.woodstock.za.org/>  Internet Services 

*	http://wifi.woodstock.za.org 


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