[Clug-work] IT/Network Manager at Mukuru

Ronny Srnka ronny.srnka at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 09:34:34 SAST 2014

*Role: *IT/Network Manager

*Location: *Cape Town, South Africa

*Employment Type: *Full Time

*Department: *IT

*Responsible to: *Chief Operating Officer

*Overview: *

Operating in a fast-paced and rapidly growing financial services company
and reporting to the COO, the IT/Network Manager is responsible for
installing, maintaining and supporting all network and voice-related
hardware, software, and communication links. In addition, the Network
Administrator’s responsibilities include managing and ensuring the
stability of all network, voice, wired and wireless services throughout the

 *Duties and Responsibilities:*

The responsibilities of the role include the following:


   Overseeing the installation, configuration, maintenance and
   troubleshooting of all network related infrastructure, including:

      Voice/Telephony software and hardware (Open source VOIP telephony
      software known as ScopTEL IP PBX based on standard Asterisk
technology, and
      a call center with 140 seats) and associated servers.

      Microsoft Windows and Linux physical and vitualised systems.

      LAN, WAN and WLAN networks.

   Providing network connectivity hardware and software support.

   Researching and recommending hardware and software solutions to meet the
   requirements of a rapidly evolving organisation.

   Troubleshooting network related issues. Recommending solutions for said
   issues, and implementing new procedures and policies to ensure issues do
   not recur.

   Developing policies, procedures and associated training plans for
   network administration, and network usage.

   Developing a robust and documented disaster recovery plan to mitigate
   downtime risk for network and IT systems company-wide.

   Developing documentation to describe the network architecture and all
   associated systems.

   Implement, document and use a network asset management system, which
   should include a component inventory with related technical specification

   Regular reporting of key metrics relating to network
   availability/stability and providing additional analysis of any problems as
   and when they occur. Providing network performance statistics and reports.

   Liaising with third-party suppliers. Ensuring that said suppliers remain
   accountable and provide services as contracted by establishing measurements
   and metrics to gauge performance.

   Continuous improvement through repeated and regular analysis of the
   policies and systems in place to ensure ongoing suitability for an
   evolving/growing business.

 *Required Skills and Qualifications*


   Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Engineering or other
   related discipline. Possession of network administration certification

   Experience in all areas of local and wide area network management and
   administration including system configuration, setup, troubleshooting,
   planning and design, implementation and user support.

   Experience in installing and supporting Microsoft server technologies.

   Experience supporting telecommunications equipment and servers.

   Working knowledge of local and wide area networks, Internet, email
   systems, telecommunications and data communications, standard operating
   systems (Microsoft and Linux).

   Knowledge of records maintenance and storage for local and distributed

   Ability to plan, design and maintain data networks and severs.

   Ability to provide technical support to users.

   Ability to communicate effectively in verbal and written form.

   Ability to prepare clear, concise written communications.

   Ability to prioritise and work independently with minimal supervision.

   Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with
   other staff members.

 *Other Characteristics*


   Willingness to work additional or unusual hours to support a growing
   infrastructure (when required).

   The ability to be a self-starter, not requiring constant supervision.

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