[Clug-work] Python/C++/C Developer

Raoul Snyman raoul.snyman at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 15:43:35 SAST 2013

Hi folks,

The company I work for is looking for another developer to join our
team. We develop a mobile airtime vending machine aimed at the
informal sector (with embedded applications written in C and C++),
with a backend system running on Google App Engine (written in

For more information on the job please see the careers page on the web
site: http://www.nomanini.com/careers/

You can send your CV to careers+dev at nomanini.com

P.S. We are not all penguins, but we are penguin friendly.

Raoul Snyman
E-Mail:   raoul.snyman at gmail.com
Mobile:   082 550 3754
Registered Linux User #333298 (http://counter.li.org)

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