[Clug-work] PHP Developers needed

Conrad Strydom conrad at pricecheck.co.za
Thu Feb 28 13:14:34 SAST 2013

We are looking for experienced web and mobile developers to come and 
join our PriceCheck.co.za team working from our Cape Town CBD offices.

The ideal candidate will fit the following profile:

* Be comfortable working on the LAMP stack
* Spend a large part of your day with your nose stuck in the linux terminal
* Have a solid understanding of what it takes to manage multi-server 
* Grasp the basics of enterprise search and all its challenges
* Have some sort of relevant tertiary qualification
* Love working on cutting edge mobile stuff (HTML5, jQuery mobile etc)

We are all about: scalability, uptime, crunching large volumes of data 
and knocking curve balls out the park on a daily basis.

We are accepting applications from a wide range of skill-levels from 
young upstarts with something to prove, to skilled and dependable 
masters of their craft.

If you are interested in showing us why we need you, please send a CV 
to: conrad at pricecheck.co.za

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