[Clug-work] Postrgres SQL optimization specialist needed

Tom Coetser subs at icave.net
Wed Feb 27 16:51:09 SAST 2013

We're in need of a DBA or someone with extensive knowledge in optimizing a 
Postgres database for speeding up the queries we are throwing at it.

The DB design was done with the best intentions and knowledge available, but 
with very little expertise in optimal design and indexing and query 
optimization and whatever else is needed for speedy results from queries :-)

The system is a python WSGI stack (cherrypy) using SQLObject as ORM for 
accessing the Postgres database, if this helps. 

Some mentoring in better future design and access will also be very helpful, 
so this could be ideal for someone looking for a short full time contract with 
longer term part time support.

If you are interested, or knows someone that might be, please let me know and 
I will make the current schema and as much info as possible available for you 
to decided on a quote.

This has become priority for our continued development, so you should be able 
get onto this as soon as possible.


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