[Clug-work] Developers needed !

marc marc at welz.org.za
Tue Feb 26 13:41:48 SAST 2013

----- Forwarded message from Jennifer Walker <jennifer.walker at mrd.com> -----

We are establishing a new development team for Mr Delivery, one of the best
South African brands, and now part of TAKEALOT.com.

You are a web engineer with experience of working in Agile teams . You have
worked on
delivering quality sites using open source tools. You take pride in writing
high quality
code and you are able to provide an excellent customer experience.

We primarily use PHP, and we're looking for developers with extensive
experience with
PHP. For a developer position we require at least three years experience,
and for a senior
developer six years of solid PHP experience.
In addition to  your development skills,  you have experience of working on
projects with many interrelated parts and you have a passion for building
elegant and
highly scalable web applications.

Here are some of the system components we are using that we would expect
you to
have good understanding of and experience developing systems with:
? Linux
? Apache
? Postgress
? Memcache
? Git/Github
? Amazon Web Services
? Zend framework
You have experience or expertise in at least one of the following areas:
? Mobile apps
? Scalability
? Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
? Scrum and other agile methodologies

Hard work and tough challenges await you in a highly dynamic environment.
If you have
the desire to help take MrD to the next level, please send your CV to
jen at mrd.com.

----- End forwarded message -----

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