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Fri Feb 22 12:43:31 SAST 2013

IT company with position available for software developer in Southern 
Suburbs area. This is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY position, all races, all 
genders welcome.

We are a Linux technology development company. If you are not an avid 
Linux user and truly over the edge passionate about Linux & opensource, 
please, move onto the next job offer as this is not for you. :)

Our programmers are challenged working with new technologies for which 
no documentation, training or information exists.

We have two main focuses. 1) We design and develop new technologies 
and/or combine other new technologies to form leading opensource 
alternatives to commercial solutions. 2) We develop software solutions 
for large corporates and government which solve specific issues they 
have (normal software development).

Majority of the work we do comprises of Perl, PHP and Bash scripting. 
Our choice in database is MySQL, although all of our opensouces packages 
use abstraction layers like PDO & DBD and must function on Oracle, 
MySQL, PostgreSQL & SQLite. We also develop in C and use languages such 
as javascript for certain UI tasks. Most of our opensource software is 
server-side, but alot of our new projects are web based 
integrations/customizations. We make use of Git extensively, with all 
code checkins going to our review system for rigorous compliance checks.

Most of our clients and target clients are medium-large companies or 
government institutions.

* Real life relevant programming experience in Perl, PHP, Bash scripting 
& MySQL is essential. C is a huge bonus.
* Comfortable with vim and the Linux command-line. We use gnome-terminal 
+ vim when developing
* The more experience in Linux administration the better
* Must have a passion for Linux and new software technology
* Own reliable transport a bonus, we are 200m from a train station on 
the S.S line
* Willing to travel if required
* Technical minded & willingness to use Google, read up and absorb 
knowledge from our technology experts
* Not afraid to go the extra mile & willing to work Saturdays and 
Sundays to meet project deadlines agreed apon
* Friendly and well presented
* Good telephone etiquette & communication skills
* Ability to work under pressure
* Ability to take constructive criticism
* Lots of confidence with ambitious & vibrant attitude
* Constructive team player

Role Description:
* Development primarily in Perl, PHP, Bash scripting (we have a graphic 
design department, so no graphic design knowledge is required), with some C
* Working with MySQL and database administration
* Analysis of client requirements (writing initial software 
specifications & development schedules)
* Attending to escalated inbound calls & tickets regarding software issues
* Reproducing escalated faults so they may be fixed
... and everything else that comes with the territory ...
* Commitment to self development and research into technologies we 
use/can use
* Report on all critical and important aspects concerning your work
* Adherence to company policies and procedures
* Respect of company escalation procedures
* Constantly keep up to date of new technology and trends in our industry
* Professional presentation of the company
* Work closely with peers and become part of a growing team
* Sense of humor a must

* Fun, friendly & positive working environment
* Casual dresscode (except when attending client meetings)
* A financially secure and rewarding permanent position
* Travel reimbursement
* State of the art Linux workstation (dual head 22" LED displays, SSD, 
quad core i5)

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