[Clug-work] LAMP stack skills needed

Jennifer Browarczyk jb at 88mph.ac
Wed Feb 20 11:40:47 SAST 2013

> Adrenaline Hunter - an extreme sports aggregator - is looking for an experienced web development expert, with strong LAMP stack skills and passion for UI and UX. 
> This ideal applicant would be available to come on as the third founder/employee of the business and accordingly there would be significant scope to get in on the ground floor and provide valuable contribution, whilst being a key beneficiary of the success and growth of the business.
> Compensation would be in the form of both equity and wages, depending on the final arrangements made. Any person would be required to work full time on Adrenaline Hunter at this stage to develop web prototypes and prove the business model.
> We are a young, sporty business working in the tech scene in CapeTown and accordingly this opportunity would suit someone creative, with strong problem solving skills, a strong focus on user experience, and a proven history of success in web development.
> Please send your application to Maud and Lucille: contact at adrenaline-hunter.com
> We hope to hear from you soon! 

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