[Clug-work] We seek a young LAMP Developer

Doug Falconer doug.falconer at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 09:40:31 SAST 2013


My partner and I have a successful little business going around a web
application that I have built over the last 8 years.

It is written in PHP with embedded calls to a MySql database and some
pretty elementary JavaScript on the front-end.

I have been writing software for 23 years in a variety of environments but
this piece of software is not very elegant ;-) It has evolved from humble
beginnings; I had not written a Web app when I started this one; I have
used my own "framework" and I have done the work in the spare time I scrape
in between demanding full-time jobs and 4 children.

I like to think of it as a "production prototype" - I know it really needs
to be rewritten at some stage, but in the meantime it needs to perform in a
production environment.

Our client base is expanding and the need for faster development, SLAs,
etc. is requiring too much of me. My current "full-time" job is actually
only 4 days a week so I have a full day a week to devote to that
development. But it is not enough.

So I am looking for a young developer with experience of PHP, MySql and
Javascript to work 4 days a week at home and 1 day a week at my home. S/he
would need to be happy to work on the current "production prototype" until
such time as we can afford the time to rewrite it. In particular, the
development of "Module 4" needs to start soon. It should be fun with lots
of scope for new development and the opportunity to learn from an old dog

If you are interested, drop me an email on doug dot falconer at gmail dot


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