[Clug-work] Vacancy: developer/sysadmin for Bioinformatics at CHPC

Kevin Colville kevin.colville at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 14:31:12 SAST 2012

The Centre for High Performance Computing [2] is looking for a very
special person to work at the CHPC supporting the Bioinformatics
community.  This is a combined developer and system administrator

The CHPC is South Africa's national supercomputer centre with Africa's
fastest computer and is based in Rosebank, Cape Town.  (The CHPC is an
independent centre within the CSIR Meraka Institute.)

>From the advert [1]:

Software developer/systems administrator: Bioinformatics

About the job:

CSIR Meraka Institute (a unit of the CSIR which focuses on information
and communications technology (ICT)) has a vacancy for a Software
developer/systems administrator: Bioinformatics. The incumbent will
work with the Technical Team of the Centre for High Performance
Computing (CHPC). He/she will be responsible to address a range of
computing and data storage related challenges requested by the
bioinformatics related research communities within South Africa. The
incumbent requires strong competency in high performance computing
administration and software development.


Cape Town

Key responsibilities:

    Evaluate a range of computing test beds and solutions (HPC, cloud
and other niche computing platforms) in collaboration with the
communities. Assist the CHPC to implement the appropriate solutions
that may address the needs of the bioinformatics communities.
    Installation, testing and conduct maintenance of necessary
bioinformatics software and workflow suits (such as Galaxy framework)
deemed relevant by the communities.
    As part of the CHPC Technical Team, ensure the queuing system and
bioinformatics programs are running optimally.
    Revise memory, storage and backup system and policies.
    Assist CHPC users in code configuration, porting and optimisation,
and resolving scientific challenges relevant to the specific
computational platform.
    Design, develop, integrate and implement portals, content
management systems and data systems.

Qualifications, skills and experience:

    Tertiary qualification in Computer Science, or Electronic/Computer
Engineering (preferred).
    3+ years experience in administration of Unix-based platforms.
    Experience in HPC environment (preferred).
    Knowledge of related technologies such as job schedulers, network
architecture, MOAB.
    Bioinformatics software experience, or another scientific
computing discipline (preferred).
    Scripting (Python/Perl).
    Experience in web-interface, content management and data system.
    Problem solving skills.

Closing date: 14 September 2012


[1] https://candidate.csir.co.za/psp/hr91prd_cgw/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM.HRS_CE.GBL?Page=HRS_CE_JOB_DTL&Action=A&JobOpeningId=301672&SiteId=1&PostingSeq=1

[2] www.chpc.ac.za

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