[Clug-work] 2x developer vacancies at CHPC (data portal)

Kevin Colville kevin.colville at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 14:22:55 SAST 2012

The Centre for High Performance Computing [2] is looking for two
developers to work on our data portal.  These are developer positions
and ideal for
LAMP (and related) experienced programmers. [1]

The CHPC is South Africa's national supercomputer centre with Africa's
fastest computer and is based in Rosebank, Cape Town.

>From the advert [1]:

Data Portal Developers (X2)

About the job:

CHPC has an opportunity for two Data Portal Developers to participate
in an exciting project aimed at establishing world-class scientific
computing facilities at the largest computer centre in Africa. The
project has three pillars, based on physical infrastructure,
facilities for storage of massively distributed data sets, and a
software layer for the hosting of web applications based on the data.
The successful applicants will be part of a project team delivering
the latter.

Key responsibilities:

    Development, with third-party consultants, of a ‘hosting on
demand’ environment where new requests for web application hosting can
be attended to rapidly and efficiently; and set up on virtual servers
at the CHPC.
    Maintenance of and improvements to a collection of web
applications in the hosting environments.
    Development and maintenance of a monitoring and evaluation system
for the hosting environment.
    Development of proper fail-over, load balancing, and disaster
recovery mechanisms in collaboration with other CHPC staff.
    Assistance with the development and implementation of security
policy and network domains to implement the policy.
    Second-line support to clients and users of the hosting
environment, in collaboration with the Help Desk.

The assignment is varied in terms of technical requirements, and
experience of the following is mandatory:

    A Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related discipline.
    Thorough knowledge of operating system environments – Linux/
Ubuntu or Windows Server software, with exposure to both an advantage.
    Experience in virtual hosting environments and software, with
ProxMox and VM-ware is preferred.
    Experience in network security, firewall configuration, and
network domain management.
    Experience in web server software and architecture, with Apache/
TomCat and/ or IIS being the most applicable.
    Exposure to one of the mainstream content management frameworks
(Plone, Django, Joomla) likely to be used in the project.

Experience in the following will be beneficial:

    Database exposure (SQL Server, MySQL, PostGres and PostGIS are preferred).
    Scripting experience (Python, PHP, JavaScript are preferred).
    Any exposure to GeoSpatial information and applications will be very useful.
    Background in meta-data management systems (MetaCAT, GeoServer,
GeoNode) will be advantageous.

Closing date: 28 September 2012


[1] Direct link to advert:


[2] www.chpc.ac.za

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