[Clug-work] Linux Sysadmin Position

Riaan Labuschagne riaan at zapop.com
Wed May 23 10:41:06 SAST 2012


We are looking for Linux Sysadmins to join our company. Skill wise we 
will look at senior and junior guys/girls for the positions. (In our 
company you can study for free without obligation or payback as long as 
you pass, so training juniors on Linux is an option)

We manage our software systems on more than a 1000 sites across South 
and Southern Africa. We either license our software to clients or run 
our own hardware and software on the sites. We are Linux fans and have 
NO Windoze servers, so if you interested in upping your Linux skills or 
keen to to work in a great environment enjoying what you do then send me 
your details.

We also pay decent salary.

Riaan Labuschagne
riaan at zapop.com
Tel:  +27 21 9483188
Fax:  +27 21 9483170
Cell: +27 83 4444148

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