[Clug-work] Looking for resources

Izak Burger isburger at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 14:17:38 SAST 2012

Hi all,

This is a fishing expedition of sorts. I have lots of work coming my
way and I can no longer deal with all of it. As is the case with many
companies, and this likely explains the slow growth figures of our
economy, I cannot afford to employ someone, because I am not in a
position to carry the risk imposed by our labour laws.

For this reason I need someone to work with me on selected projects on
a contracting basis, that is, if you have time for this sort of thing,
you have the skills, maybe we can help each other.

Right now I need someone to handle a small project, probably no more
than a few days, for a financial terminal (these things you swipe your
card through when you buy groceries). The code is written in C and the
hard lifting has been done already (some of it by another developer,
some of it by me), what is needed now is some tweaks and new

There is also the possibility of more sysadmin work in the future. So
far we are still negotiating this, but a client of mine is looking for
a resource who can handle 50 hours a month of sysadmin duties. This is
probably at least another two months in the future, but I need to line
up acceptable candidates so long. The hourly rate is good enough that
this might serve as a good base income.

Please respond by email if you're interested in either opportunity,
and give me an idea of the things that you've worked on.

Izak Burger

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