[Clug-work] Free Google Nexus 7 tablets for successful Developer & DevOps recruiting referrals

Mark Henderson mark at kaluma.com
Tue Aug 7 14:31:27 SAST 2012

Are you a Cape Town based Hacker News and CLUG regular? A born problem
solver? Bored of building yet another CMS to display dry corporate

Kaluma is a lean, highly focused team spread between New York and Cape
Town, and we're building a world-class SaaS platform. We're competing
in a really exciting market, have paying customers who love our
product, and are going head to head with larger international
competitors and out-engineering them.

We believe strongly in hiring excellent people and excellent people
deserve the best tools and resources: SSD drives, choice of platform
(Linux/Ubuntu, OS X, Windows) and an environment where you'll be
exposed to and expected to contribute towards best practices including
Git, Puppet, Amazon EC2, Jenkins, Selenium, and so on.

Developers, if you have a strong understanding of object orientation
and possibly a background in Python, PHP, Perl, C++, server-side JS or
Java, let's talk. Knowledge of SQL (preferably MySQL) is essential.
Linux, PHP, Symfony, Puppet, Node.js and JQuery experience is a plus.
We're looking for a mid to senior level person who's able to hit the
ground running. You've most likely been programming for years in your
bedroom, and are not the recent graduate who doesn't have a Github
account and has never contributed to an open source project.

DevOps/sysadmins, are you process and detail oriented? Automate
everything? Uptime a badge of honour? Security always front of mind?
Let's talk. Knowledge of the following will get our attention: Linux
(Ubuntu), Puppet, Git & Github, Jenkins, Selenium, Vagrant, Amazon Web
Services (EC2, CloudFront), Loosely Coupled Web Services, Nginx,
MySQL, Memcache, Redis, Gearman, PHP, WordPress, Varnish.

N.B. If you're a diva or language snob, these roles won't be a great
fit. We've been pragmatically using PHP since before Rails existed and
yes we're serious about software engineering best practices (our use
of OO and code generation - our code writes code - being important
examples of this). We're open to including Google's Go in our backend
where it can benefit us and are excited by the realtime advances being
made by JS projects such as Meteor and Derby.

Interested? For starters, please email your github.com and Linkedin
profiles or CVs to jobs at kaluma.com. If either of these roles sound
like a better fit for someone you know, we're offering the new Google
Nexus 7 tablet per successful referral (one per candidate hired). N.B.
No recruiters please.

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