[Clug-work] Server traffic tracking

Pradesh Chanderpaul pradesh at datacraft.co.za
Mon Jan 17 21:01:21 SAST 2011

Hi all

I am looking for someone to assist in completing the configuring of a
Linux server (Debian/Ubuntu) with tracking network usage on a server
that is used a few dedicated clients.

The server is setup and runs a virtual hosting software (not virtual
machines) to host some specific sites on the server. The sites have
access to ssh, http, fto (in the future), pop and SMTP services. Daily
collection of traffic usage happens using a combination of iptables,
awstats, and custom log parsing. There are some identified gaps in the
traffic usage tracking.

I need someone that will assist in getting more accurate usage stats per
client (domain). Work can be done remotely.

Contact me either via email (preferred) or on my cellphone.


Pradesh Chanderpaul

Mobile  : +27 82 654 5765

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