[Clug-work] Information Logistics' C# Team for hire

David Campey campey at informationlogistics.co.za
Mon Jan 17 17:34:30 SAST 2011

I realise it's a bit of a cross-post, but hopefully some people on the list
are denizens of both Linux and MS work domains. Apologies if this wastes
your time.

- Intro -

My company, Information Logistics (www.informationlogistics.co.za) sells
development weekly, with weekly delivery of working software using the scrum
development framework.

We have two teams of 3 people each, mainly working with c# / .net /
nhibernate / selenium.

The normal price for a week of development is R38k ex VAT.

We typically work with small/medium companies or web start-ups that don't
want to build and hire a full time team but want the benefits of a team that
has learnt to work well together.

- Situation -

This afternoon, we had a client (due to start a new project tomorrow) get
cold feet and cancel on us.

Now we have a talented team about to sit idle for a week. This would be
terrible and I'm doing the rounds to see if anyone would be keen to get a
development spike done at late notice (starting planning tomorrow at 13:00).
In exchange for the quick response, I'm prepared to offer a significant

If you are keen and perhaps have a project that need an extra push or a
spike to learn any of these techs, for a very discounted rate, please let me

If it sounds interesting, just not to start tomorrow, then please drop me a
mail anyway and we'll start the conversation for future work.


David Campey

082 829 7212

Founder Member
Information Logistics

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