[Clug-work] Linux Systems Administrator

tasniem baradien debianguyz at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 12:52:06 SAST 2011

Hi there,

We have a vacancy for a Linux sysadmin.

Key Responsibility Areas:

- Essential: installation/configuration, operation and maintenance of
hardware/software and related infrastructure, including R & D as
required, with a view towards high availability;
- Project: assist with technical issues, R & D and support of
operations staff in executing, testing and rolling out solutions;
- Architecture & Provisioning: installation/rebuilding, configuration
in accordance with standards and requirements, develop and maintain
procedures, research and recommend innovation and automation;
- Operations and Support: monitoring, data and account management,
including escalated customer issues, troubleshoot issues, root-cause
analysis, repair and recovery from failures;
- Maintenance: OS patches and upgrades, manage/add services,
performance reporting/tuning;
- Security: monitoring, intrusion detection, maintain system
standards, staff training, documentation.

Core (Required) Competencies:

- IP: working knowledge of DHCP, DNS, SMTP, FTP, HTTP, etc.;
- Services: LDAP, MTAs (pref. postfix/exim), SQL servers (pref. MySQL,
postgres or Oracle);
- OS: understanding of operating systems, from bare steel to network

- must have a good understanding of networking, from Ethernet to IP;
- *nix: proven proficiency with Unix or derivative, from user to
systems and network management;
- Scripting: proven experience with at least one of bash, python, Perl, PHP;
- Data: solid understanding of backup methodology and infrastructure.

General (Nice-to-have) Competencies:

- MS: comfortable within Windows environment, at least working
knowledge of OS, interfaces, server tools and services;
- RHEL: familiarity with the RedHat Enterprise Linux distribution
- Production: proven experience maintaining servers on the Internet,
services open to the world, advantageous.

Please send all CV's to *debianguyz at gmail.com*

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