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Closing date: 8 April 2011    <------------- NB

The CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) is a leading scientific and
technology research organisation, implementing projects throughout Africa and making a
difference in people’s lives.

Remote Sensing: Modeller/Programmer

About the job:

The Natural Resources and Environment’s Ecosystem Earth Observation
(Eco EO) group conducts remote-sensing research for improved
understanding, management, and monitoring of ecosystems and associated
resources. Efforts are geared towards systemlevel remote-sensing
across various scales, which include spatially explicit ecosystem
state description, modelling, change detection and mapping. Main
applications are water quality monitoring (coastal and inland); biomass
assessment and carbon accounting; biodiversity and tree species
mapping; vegetation productivity and health assessment; plant water
use and evapo-transpiration modelling; and coastal zone management
and protection. A programming and spatial/remote sensing modelling
professional is needed to support the group in a wide range of projects
related to the above-mentioned applications. The ideal candidate
will have demonstrated experience in processing remote-sensing data;
developing spatial modelling techniques; and analysing integrated
environmental and EO dataset. The position is located in Pretoria (head
office) with regular visits to the Centre for High Performance Computing
in Cape Town.

Key responsibilities:

* Develop scripts/data processing chains to analyse a wide range of remote sensing
  data including radar (microwave), LiDAR, hyperspectral images, as well as hypertemporal time series.
* Develop advanced spatial and integrated modelling applications using a wide range
  of environmental and earth observation data, including in situ, airborne, and spaceborne dataset.
* Develop web-based interfaces and other tools for dissemination of remote-sensing
  products to end-users and decision-makers.
* Assist researchers in their day-to-day needs in programming.
* Productively work within a group that functions as a unit to address current and future
  ecosystem research challenges.

Qualifications, skills and experience:


* A BSc degree, but preferably an MSc degree either in 1) geomatic and/or remote
  sensing, with a strong focus on quantitative modelling or in 2) computer engineering,
  applied mathematics, computer science or similar fields. Exposure or interest in
  environmental applications is a distinctive advantage.
* Sound experience (at least two years) in mathematical/quantitative modelling and
  simulation, preferably in environmental science. Radiative transfer modelling would
  be an advantage.
* Minimum of two to three years’ experience in programming using at least one of the
  following software: C/C++, IDL, Matlab, R or Python.
* Excellent working knowledge of both Window and Linux operating systems, with
  experience with Open Source development tools.
* Good interpersonal, communication, and report-writing skills.

The position is for a three year contract with an option for a permanent employment.
Should you meet the above requirements, please go to the URL indicated below in order to
apply; select the position reference number 4864; complete the application form and attach
your CV: www.csir.co.za/apply.php

Closing date: 8 April 2011


Should you experience any problems in submitting your application, please contact the CSIR Recruitment Centre
at Recruitmentqueries at csir.co.za. 

The CSIR gives preference to candidates who meet the job requirements
and who will add to the cultural and gender diversity of the
organisation. By applying for this position at the CSIR, the applicant
understands, consents and agrees that the CSIR may solicit a credit and
criminal report from a registered credit bureau and/or SAPS (in relation
to positions that require trust and honesty and/or entail the handling
of cash or finances) and may also verify the applicant’s educational
qualifications and employment history. The CSIR reserves the right not
to appoint if a suitable candidate is not identified.

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