[Clug-work] Junior Systems Administrator

Richard Spiers richard.spiers at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 13:25:42 SAST 2010

Hi All

We are looking for a Junior Systems Administrator to take some of the load
off of myself and the other members in our technical team so we can focus
more on the development / systems design and move away from the day to day
operational support / management.

*Who we are:*

We are a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that provides semantically
based online enterprise management systems to clients in the financial
industry. The solutions we provide encompass a wide range of functionality,
including billing, financial modelling, telephony control, SMS services etc.
We are geared towards providing solutions on a large scale to the enterprise
market from a small base of highly skilled employees.

We are looking for a Junior Systems Administrator who can take over some of
our day to day operations in maintaining and configuring our hardware

*Key Responsibility Areas:*

The installation/configuration, operation and maintenance of
hardware/software and related infrastructure as well as providing support as
needed to ensure smooth operations for our clients. The position includes
the role of first level support for our clients in terms of ensuring our
services are up and running, and accessible to all our clients.

*Core (Required) Competencies:*

Ability to communicate professionally with clients.
Basic knowledge of IP networks - DHCP, DNS etc.
Experience with Linux - Familiar with the console, general systems
administration (moving of files, file permissions etc)
Experience with Windows - Setting up windows shares, network settings.
Experience troubleshooting issues - the ability to investigate problems as
they occur and to know when to escalate particular problems.

*Additional Competencies:*

Programming Language - Preferably Java / Python / C / Delphi / PHP
VoIP - Experience with Asterisk based telephony systems.
Scripting - Ability to write scripts to automate functions, using Bash or
Security Conscious - Knowledge of common security vulnerabilities and how to
prevent them.
Advanced networking - iptables, firewall configuration, routing etc.

The salary range is negotiable depending on experience and skillset of the

Please send your cv to judy at thoughtexpress.com

Kind Regards
Richard Spiers

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