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Subject: PV Solar Site Soil Survey
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The problem is as follows.:-


 A 2010 vintage PV Solar site requires 2,3 to 2,7 Ha of area per MW.


The panels are mounted on poles which are piled to 2m depth. The poles
are Xm apart in width and Ym apart in length.


If the piling process encounters underground rock with 2m of the
surface, explosive or drilling techniques must be used to enable the
poles to be inserted. This increases the cost of placement Cp by a
factor of F. If the underground rock is occasional, panels can be moved
so that a gap occurs between adjacent panels, however this increases the
cost of installation by the proportion of the area lost wrt the total


To evaluate a site, probes can be inserted to 2m depth. It takes M
minutes to insert and withdraw a probe. The cost of the survey team is R
per hour.


We are seeking the following:-


1)    The minimum cost sampling plan, which should be adopted, to have a
<5% error in calculating the probability of encountering rock over a 600
Ha site.

2)    A cost model which enables the total cost of installation to be
calculated based on the costs of inserting a pole by piling, or
explosive methods and the probability of encountering shallow rock?


I hope I have described the problem adequately. If not I can provide
more information if I know what is required. We are looking for a simple
model constructed on a spread sheet not a very sophisticated computer


Would whoever is interested, please also quote time and cost for the
work. The matter is somewhat urgent. We need a solution possibly still
this week.








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