[Clug-work] Someone to turn our software into a .deb package

Bernd Jendrissek bernd.jendrissek at rocketseed.com
Wed May 19 13:19:40 SAST 2010

We need a hired gun to save us some time.  A small job, ideal for 
someone who is between jobs or just looking for a quick windfall.  
Taking this on shouldn't cause a divorce.

In principle we could do this ourselves, but we have other things to do 
than learning a new syntax.

What we have:

$ ./configure --blah-blah && make && sudo make DESTDIR=/tmp/foo install

<edit some config files, set up databases, configure some dependencies 
like Apache and Exim, poke Drupal's /install.php>

We even have a script that does most of the work.

What we want:

# apt-get install rocketseed-$subpackage

or, more minimally,

# dpkg -i rocketseed-$subpackage.deb

Note that there will have to be some semi-pretty configuration dialogs 
to get IP addresses, hostnames, that sort of thing.  It's a little bit 
more complex than just dumping a collection of files in the filesystem.

Even folks who don't come out the box speaking .deb can apply, but 
please be credible in the *n*x skills + learning ability departments!  
Since this is such a small job, if there even is a real interview, it'll 
be 5 minutes before you start the work.  So please reply (to me) with a 
suitable shibboleth that demonstrates your competence.  We'll probably 
want to "look over your shoulder" because we'll be maintaining the 
package metadata after you're done, so unless you're famous enough, 
we'll want you to work in our offices, in Newlands.  If you can bring 
your own computer that'll be best, but not absolutely mandatory.

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