[Clug-work] Need help with OpenLDAP

David Purdy david at zapop.com
Mon Jul 26 15:23:02 SAST 2010


Our company needs some help configuring OpenLDAP for our network.

Are there any people interested in doing some contract work, to help 
us set those up, and to help us make some notes on the setup procedures?

We're based in Bellville, Cape Town. Also, our servers usually run Debian 

Here are the details requested on your wiki page:

Job type: Contract

Description of the work involved:
Helping our IT department to setup OpenLDAP on our Debian-based network (older 
servers on Etch, newer ones on Lenny). And after that, adding some details to 
our internal wiki - how to configure OpenLDAP, how to do basic customization, 
links to further useful guides and references, and so on.

Length of Employment: Probably about 1 week.

Required: Experience with Linux and configuring OpenLDAP.

Nice to have: Some background in Debian Linux Stable (Etch and/or Lenny), 
experience with editing MediaWiki articles.

Salary: To be discussed later.

Location: Bellville, Cape Town.

If you're interested in the above, then please send an email to 
riaan at zapop.com

Kind Regards,


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