[Clug-work] Radius Server

Bashir Jahed bashir.jahed at nha.co.za
Tue Sep 8 11:24:49 SAST 2009

Hi All,

The company I work for has asked me to look into provisioning a Radius
server for reselling ADSL accounts. The requirements are as follows:
1.	User account management via a web front end
2.	Both mysql as well as Active Directory authentication
3.	SAIX Based ADSL Account reselling
4.	Realm set up etc...

We basically would like to resell SAIX adsl accounts and we have
received the go ahead from SAIX notifying us that we are able to do so.

The only requirement from my employer is that the person doing the
implementation must have prior experience in the field and they should
work for or own a legitimate registered business with contactable

If you are able to assist please contact me.


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