[Clug-work] PHP developers needed to help us on our reservation system

Eddie Dunckley eddie at rttc.co.za
Mon Oct 26 15:08:11 SAST 2009

We (RTTC) require PHP developers to help extend our travel
reservation system.  .. We recently lost Julian to a hungry Python :(

If you know PHP guru's interrested in joining our team, please 
contact me (send CV). Am expanding our super-bright super hero team.
(Having your last brain scan in an envelope with you will actually 
impress us.) Shoot-from-the-hip Cowboy coders welcomed.

You can program in PHP on a linux (erm or windows grrr) workstation 
at our humble home-office in Bellville (your choice for a smoking 
or non-smoking office), and if you can work without supervision, 
you can eventually work from your own place if you're good.

We will feed you copious amounts of coffee and trance music in an
excited energetic atmosphere among smart people with mind opening 
chats about tech and science, in exchange for your brilliance.
[ and as we say in Afrikaans, some days "vier uur is bier uur" ]

You should know HTML, PHP, a little bit of javascript and css, and if 
you know a bit of Linux and/or Ajax, we will be impressed. If you
can easily work on other people's code we will be even more
impressed.  You should know a little bit of Postgresql/mysql databases. 

You will earn geekpoints and respect if you also use vim and can
use svn.  (Please DONT apply if you dont know an editor well)

We work in a free-thinking creative environment (similar to a bee hive), 
Those who are creative, curious and enthusiastic will have 
a long term future here. Those who need constant supervision and spoon 
feeding wont.

Salary is "VeryGood" depending on output performance and your skill 
level. (will give you a small test task so we can establish skill 
level, you can use your own collected toolsets to help you). Come 
tell us how much you think we should pay you and why.
Please email me your CV. State what musical instrument you play, 
and list three sci-fi series/movies that you've really enjoyed.

Background information: we wrote the reservation some time ago,
and it grew and grew. It is putting bread on the table.  
Its non-OOP, oldschool, some people Love working on it, some 
people fall off the bus. Hope you're bright enough. 

During your interview Us will give you some code to debug
and to extend.  You would need to show signs of logic to dive in
and help us extend it, write new modules, and work on bugfixes,
and do traces.

We use TRAC to queue up work, and its piling up and we're running
short of hands. A few years of PHP experience will help.

and remember: There are two ways to write error-free 
programs; only the third one works.

Quark!  Quark!  Beware the quantum duck!

Eddie Dunckley - eddie at rttc.co.za - Realtime Travel Connections 
IBE Development, www.rttc.co.za, cell 083-379-6891, fax 086-617-7831
Where 33deg53'37.23"S 18deg37'57.87"E Cape Town Bellville Oakdale ZA

  "Real programmers are surprised when the odometers in 
     their cars don't turn from 99,999 to 99,99A"

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