[Clug-work] Linux video webcast/stream video work for Saturday Afternoon

Eddie Dunckley eddie at rttc.co.za
Thu Oct 1 16:04:18 SAST 2009

Jacques Louw (http://www.jacqueslouw.co.za)
is videographing a wedding this Saturday at 4pm-5pm in Worcester

The client asked him if he can transmit the church service via a web 
stream for some international guests that would like to view it live.

If you have setup a webcast/stream before, and would like to assist him 
with this, i.e. tapping the video camera feed and converting its output 
(composite video or plain analog or raw digital) to an mpeg stream that 
can be viewed in real time via your/a website.

I'm sure there are some Linux guru's out there that can do that with 
hands tied behind their backs. 

Contact Jacques on 0-eight-2,466-5143 if you need the work and if you 
can help him out.

(i'm thinking if the Linux guys who setup the university web casts when 
international speakers comes to visit).

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