[Clug-work] Looking for a web developer

Stefano Rivera stefano at clug.org.za
Tue May 19 10:48:20 SAST 2009

Fwd from Nathan Geffen <nathangeffen at gmail.com>:

Are you a nerd with a political conscience?

Radical Geek Wanted!
We are looking for a *web developer* to help develop websites for two
politically progressive organisations. This a four month full-time contract and
the pay is competitive.

What are we looking for?

You must be a good web developer, proficient in Drupal, DNS management, ftp and
related tools. Knowledge of PHP, Linux, CiviCRM and mysql are a bonus. You must
have an understanding of database design. We will want to see evidence of your
expertise. Besides developing two websites, you will need to be able to work
with people. You will have to explain how the website works to users of various
levels. Having a political conscience will help. Being willing to travel
regularly to Khayelitsha is non-negotiable. We would prefer it if you had your
own computer, but this is not an application-breaker.

One of the websites is quite easy to develop. It merely needs a
mechanism for petitions and some small improvements.

The other website is more difficult. It needs a membership system, a donation
system, newsletter mechanism, mass email and/or sms to dynamically selected
user groups and a good mechanism for organising, uploading and retrieving a
multitude of documents, photographs and videos. It will experience a lot of
traffic and we will need advice on how best to manage it. It needs elements of
an online community, and must be linked to social networking sites.

If you do a very good job, we might be able to raise funds to continue the
contract beyond four months.

Who are we?

Equal Education <http://www.equaleducation.org.za/> works and campaigns for
educational quality and equality in South African schools. We work to realise
the right to education in our Constitution. This means that all young South
Africans must receive a quality education. We have over 500 members, mostly in
Khayelitsha high schools. Zackie Achmat, Mary Metcalfe and Crain Soudien are
three of the board members. The work will be supervised by Nathan Geffen (board
member) and Doron Isaacs (coordinator).

How much will we pay?

R13,000 per month (cost-to-company) negotiable, for four months fulltime.

How do you apply?

Send your CV as a PDF file to radgeekwanted at equaleducation.org.za

We're only really interested in people who live in Cape Town; we can't hire you
without meeting you in person. Essential information only; keep your CV short.
We want to know your qualifications, work experience, contact details and
evidence of your expertise. We want someone who is passionate about using
communications technology for activism and social justice. More importantly, we
want a very good web developer.  Please supply three references. Your cover
letter should also be short, no more than 300 words, explaining why you want
this contract and why we should hire you.

Application closing date: 29 May 2009. We want to hire someone

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