[Clug-work] FWD: CSIR/Meraka Student Vacation Work - Afrimesh Code Sprint

Antoine van Gelder antoine at 7degrees.co.za
Fri May 15 13:15:05 SAST 2009

Anyone fancy a spot of free software development up in Pretoria during  
the winter holidays ? :)

  - antoine

"Libré software for human education."



The CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) is a leading
scientific and technology research organisation, implementing projects
throughout Africa and making a difference in people’s lives.

                Vacation Work on Afrimesh Code Sprint

About the job:

An exciting opportunity for vacation work exists at the Meraka  
CSIR, in Pretoria. We are hosting a code sprint event during the June/ 
vacation period and we need willing and able-minded programmers to  
in this exciting venture.

For those scratching their heads, a code sprint is more commonly known  
as a
hackathon, a unique collaborative effort by a group of young, dynamic
programmers to collectively complete an assigned task within a specified

We are looking for five (5) participants with the right mix of  
motivation and skills to join us in working on the Afrimesh  
initiative, a name
given to the wireless-isp-in-a-box development used by a number of  
projects. This is an excellent opportunity for you to get your  
vacation work
requirements fulfilled and also contribute to society, since Afrimesh is
currently deployed in rural communities within South Africa.

Visit the Meraka Institute web site (www.meraka.org.za) and click on the
‘Code Sprints’ link for further information.

Successful candidates will:

   -> Contribute to a large project that has a direct impact on the  
      communities of South Africa
   -> Gain expertise that would better position you within the job  
   -> Have paid travel and accommodation provided for the duration of  
the code

Are you in possession, or intend to be in possession, of a degree in  

   * Engineering; Computer science; Computer engineering or  
Information systems

Do you possess skills in any of the following languages and/or topics?

   * Python at a beginner level
   * Javascript or C at an intermediate level
   * Scripting skills to work on iptables, tc, ipp2p, layer7-filter at  
an advanced
   * Advanced analysis skills in C, Javascript, critical reasoning  
     communication skills
   * Intermediate scripting skills in SQL/MySQL
   * Beginner or advanced programming skills in Javascript and XML

Should you meet the above requirements, please apply by going through  
following steps:

   1 - Go to the Meraka Institute web site www.meraka.org.za
   2 - Complete the Code Sprint cv template for Afrimesh
   3 - Go to the URL indicated below; select the position reference  
number 3424;
       complete the application form and attach your completed  
Afrimesh CV:

Closing date:  1 June 2009

Should you experience any problems in submitting your  application,   
contact the CSIR Recruitment Centre at:

   recruitmentqueries at csir.co.za

(Please do not submit your application to this mailbox.)

The CSIR gives preference to candidates who meet the job requirements  
and who
will add to the cultural and gender diversity of the organisation. By  
for this position at the CSIR, the applicant understands, consents and  
that the CSIR may solicit a credit and criminal report from a  
registered credit
bureau and/or SAPS (in relation to positions that require trust and  
and/or entail the handling of cash or finances) and may also verify the
applicant’s educational qualifications and employment history.

SS-F-HR-363 REV 00 Advert_Meraka_AIP_May 2009

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