[Clug-work] Gnu/linux system admin with basic LAMP/SVN skills

Paul Scott pscott at uwc.ac.za
Mon Mar 23 10:27:00 SAST 2009

We are looking for a junior to mid level linux system administrator that

1. Look after a couple of Debian/Ubuntu servers and make sure things
tick over consistantly

2. Troubleshoot and fix basic PHP/LAMP issues on said servers (edit
php.ini, enable mod_rewrite etc)

3. Go through a release management process and do monthly software
releases from a svn repository. (We will provide basic training in this
regard if needs be)

4. Do simple backups of MySQL dumps.

5. Be able to edit a trac wiki page and document procedures in English

6. Be agile and able to proactively respond, as opposed to constantly
putting out fires.

7. Know how a crontab works and how to set one to do certain tasks.

8. If you have a basic knowledge of PHP coding and can do basic
debugging, you earn 1 million extra points

9. If you know the Chisimba framework, you get 10 million extra points.

10. Some simple Python would be an extra million points as well.

If you fit this description, we need to talk. I am not hung up on you
being local (you may telecommute) as long as you are online when I need
you to be.

Please drop me a mail (NO CV's or resumes please, just a letter of
intent) at this address if you are interested.

Salary is highly negotiable, and this will be a longer term contract
(annual renewal after a 3 month trial period to see if you gel with the
rest of the team)

Many thanks and good luck!

-- Paul


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