[Clug-work] Linux/UNIX sysadmin required

Arno Breedt arno.breedt at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 12:34:09 SAST 2009

Hi Cluggers

The University of the Western Cape has a well-established
Linux/UNIX-based Internet-facing infrastructure. This includes
firewall, mail, webservers, proxies, DNS, and bandwidth shaping.

UWC is looking for a Linux/UNIX sysadmin to assist in the maintenance
of this infrastructure. The position requires at the very least a
passing familiarity with the following admin skills:

- Basic Linux / UNIX skills
- Mail (Postfix / Dovecot)
- Apache / PHP
- Linux Networking
- Proxies (Squid)
- Troubleshooting weirdness
- Virtualisation (Linux KVM, BSD Jails, and/or Solaris Zones)
- Firewalls (PF and Iptables)

Additional points will be scored for experience with:

- Bash Scripting
- Monitoring solutions
- User support

Personal characteristics:

- Clear and concise verbal and written communication
- Ability to work in a team
- Ability to work alone
- Reliability and punctuality
- A passion for making the open source solution that are in place,
work effectively.

The position is contract-based, and will initially be a 6-month
contract with possible renewal option to renew based on performance.

Please send a short CV to me offlist. Points will be scored by an
accompanying letter of motivation. Points will be lost for spelling
and grammar mistakes.


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