[Clug-work] [Fwd: linux enquiry]

Liam Smit liam.smit at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 23:11:00 SAST 2009

> After that my only experience with recruiters have been the time
> wasting/no idea what they are dealing with type.

I've actually had good luck with *some* recruiters. On the other hand
I've heard good things about certain recruitment agencies but they've
not managed to do anything for me. And then shortly thereafter (couple
of months) I've found better things on my own and via other recruiters
without hearing anything from the original (recommended) agency which
I went to first...

I think it comes down to skilled people are scarce but so are good
career opportunities. You really need to contact a wide range of
recruiters as recruiters won't be trying to fill all the openings on
the market at a particular time. Then you need to be prepared to say
no to unsuitable positions. This is obviously something you are able
to do when you already have a job and are looking for something better
not when you are unemployed and looking for work.

That said companies like Vodacom have their own HR staff which
includes recruiters so sometimes you should be registering with the
companies themselves and skipping out the recruitment agencies. e.g.



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