[Clug-work] Junior-ish freelancer to work on an online store / payment gateway integration

Bryn Divey bdivey at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 10:11:03 SAST 2009

'lo all,

A designer friend of mine's picked up a reasonably well-sized store
project to do. She had a developer to help out, but he's become too
busy and had to drop out, so she's looking for someone who could put
in some part-time work. It's nothing too difficult, as the site's
being built on top of Magento (and I don't think she needs anything
seriously altered in there); the main issue is writing a payment
gateway interface to one of the ZA payment gateway providers. This
will need PHP skills, SQL knowledge, some concept of security, and the
ability to use HTTP-based APIs. The pay is pretty reasonable, and the
timing should be quite flexible.

If anyone's interested or knows someone who might be, please contact me.

Bryn Divey

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