[Clug-work] Web developer position at CT start-up

Michael Champanis michael at personera.com
Wed Jun 10 14:00:50 SAST 2009

Please reply to me off-list if you are interested in the following position.



Personera, a web startup based in Cape Town, is looking for a skilled, motivated 
developer to join our Software Engineering team. The majority of our software is 
written in object oriented PHP (Zend Framework), and will be deployed to 
Amazon's EC2 service. We have a wide range of interesting problems requiring 
robust, scalable solutions.

Some of your scalability work will include:

Developing a solution to provide runtime monitoring of live systems - maintain 
uptime and minimise response time for users (EC2).
Using Amazon SQS to balance work loads on job servers.
Working with Amazon's SimpleDB to provide data replication and backup.

We'd like you to:

Have solid experience with PHP 5, OO development, and web services.
Be comfortable with MySQL/PostgreSQL administration and use.
Be able to innovate and provide uncomplicated solutions to problems.

Your personality:

Curious, logical, relaxed, adaptable, and tolerant.
An ability to work under pressure while maintaining a sense of humour.

     * A general background in computer science
     * PHP 5.1+ / Python
     * MySQL/PostgreSQL
     * Web services (REST, RPC)
     * Linux/Unix administration, and everyday use

Bonus points:
     * Experience using multiple programming languages
     * Experience developing scalable solutions
     * Familiarity with unit testing and continuous integration

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