[Clug-work] Junior Software Developer Opportunity

Colin Sindle csindle at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 09:58:28 SAST 2009

Hi All,

Vox Telecom has an opportunity for a Junior Software Developer. Vox Telecom
is an innovative telecommunication company focussing on integrated
Voice-over-IP and converged technologies. The Core services division is
expanding and looking for talented, enthusiastic professionals to join our
team. We use Free and Open Source Software extensively, and the coffee is
good and plentiful.

This position is based in Cape Town or Johannesburg.

Scope of Position:

This position is responsible for assisting the current team in architecting
and developing tools and applications for the core voice and data
infrastructure. Expect to learn and contribute a huge amount about
telecommunication back-ends, VoIP and voice switching, software design and
processes, Linux, system administration, databases, and networking.


* Assist the current team building software applications and tools with all
that involves (testing, documentation, improvement, etc.)
* Evaluating new tools, libraries, software, products, etc.
* Support and upgrade existing software projects.


* Proficient Python developer. We use Python extensively at all levels from
high performance data analysers to web UIs.
* Proficient Linux user.
* It would be advantageous to have some experience with FreeSWITCH,
Asterisk, OpenSIP, PJSUA, or other VoIP or CDR processing software.
* These standard buzzwords are actually important to us: positive
can-do-attitude, self-motivated, thirst for knowledge, and shrewd.

Salary commensurate with experience.

Please send enquiries/CVs to colins at voxtelecom.co.za

Kind regards,


Colin Sindle
Vox Core
Vox Telecom Limited
Tel: +27 87 805 0001
Direct: +27 87 805 3040
Fax: + 27 86 502 3697
Email: colins at voxtelecom.co.za
Web: http://www.voxtelecom.co.za

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unauthorised use of its e-mail facility and/or the use of its e-mail
facility other than for its own authorised business purposes. Save for
statements and/or opinions relating to bona fide company matters, Vox
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