[Clug-work] Systems Administrator position at Independent Online

Cillier Burger cillier.burger at iol.co.za
Mon Jul 20 11:56:03 SAST 2009

Cape Town CBD

R neg on qualifications and/or experience

Background :

Independent Online, a subsidiary of Independent Newspapers South Africa and
one of South Africa's largest online news providers is in need of a Linux
Systems administrator to complement the current operations team.

IOL operates on a 100% LAMP environment for the online segment of the
business, along with a pure Linux Server environment for the office, with a
mixed set of Windows and Ubuntu Desktop users.

We are looking for a person with the following personal traits:

You love technology, but only to the extent that it does not negatively
affect any other facets of your agreeable, team player personality. You
enjoy finding the best solutions to existing and new problems, implementing
them, and standing up for what you believe is the right choice. You are able
to logically argue your points. You love learning about new techniques,
technologies and methodologies, and expanding on your current knowledge. You
are able to prioritize, and still think rationally while under pressure.

Please note that this is a senior level position. Above all you
need to be able to hit the ground running, and have strong confidence
in your abilities.
Key requirements

* Willingness and ability to take over responsibility for existing
  Infrastructure with confidence.
* Strong, dedicated work ethic.
* Ability to work in a team, take criticism as valuable input, and
  conversely be able to criticise in a constructive way.
* Good communicator. This is important. You need to be able to get
  your point across, and also make sure that you understand the
  other team members as well as possible.

Key technical requirements

* Strong proficiency in the shell scripting language of your choice.
  This means that you should be able to solve common problems with a
  sound methodology and leveraging the specific strong points of your 
chosen tool.

 * Thorough understand of TCP/IP, the protocol itself, how it works,
   why it works, what its strong points are, and what you would consider
   some of its weaker points as applied to modern networks.

 * Lower level understanding of the core concepts behind Unix like systems.

 * General understanding of the Linux kernel, filesystem virtualization,
   filesystems, processes, threading, userspace/kernel space, etc.

Specific application knowledge:

* Administering and tuning MySQL 4 / 5 / 5.1
* Apache/Apache2
* PHP, preferably some additional programming experience with PHP4/5  
* Netfilter
* Linux IP Virtual Server
* iproute2
* Postfix
* Exim
* Virtualization on the linux platform, Xen, OpenVZ, etc

You will also be comfortable with performing the following tasks:

* Managing clusters of MySQL and Apache servers
* Setting up, managing and troubleshooting PHP based web applications
* Troubleshooting TCP/IP Links
* Troubleshooting Mail
* Working in a team, liaising with Business owners and Developers
* Be willing and able to perform after hours support / on site support
  should the need arise.

If you are interested in this position, please send us your CV, along
with a 1 page covering letter explaining why you want to work with us,
and why you think you would be a great addition to our team.

Please ensure to send all correspondence to devjobs at iol.co.za

The closing date for all applications is Friday, August 7th, 2009

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