[Clug-work] clug-work Digest, Vol 49, Issue 2

Andre Truter linux at trusoftdev.za.net
Tue Jul 7 22:41:25 SAST 2009

On 07 Jul 2009, at 18:03, Alan McKinnon wrote:

> Surely you mean that the wives of married male geeks pack lunch for  
> their
> husbands?

hehe, I mostly pack my own lunch.  I get up too early for my poor  
wife to pack lunch. :-)
And then I can only complain to myself about the contents of my lunch  
I have to admit that when my wife do pack the lunch box it is much  
more interesting than mine..

> I never understood this thing about dress code. We are not customer  
> facing.

Yes, exactly.  It is not as if the computer will work better if you  
wear a tie...

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