[Clug-work] clug-work Digest, Vol 49, Issue 5

Christél cbreedt at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 20:55:53 SAST 2009

Dear Clug

I was half joking when I wrote my comment, I hope you will take it in that spirit.

Cliches aside, I felt that the post betrayed a lack of insight into best practice for the recruitment of IT personnel. I was suggesting a different approach to finding the staff needed.  

Companies that respect that IT personnel often don't perform as well when put in a conventional office routine with conventional management tend to have happier, more productive staff. The cliche of "the  IT crowd" is true often enough to consider that conventional HR needs to learn something about working with IT employees. This is in the interest of both employers and employees.  

When a company posts to Clug-work, I expect some degree of a willingness to take this approach - I read Clug-work to get to those good HR's, not to gain access to a job that comes straight from a cookie cutter. 

I took one look at that ad and saw a restrictive, boring and inflexible working environment.   

Even if I could do the job, I wouldn't apply, based on the perception created by the wording of the ad.

Now I am aware that this perception may be wrong, but when you are that skilled a SysAdmin you get to be fussy about where you get work.

Such a variety of skills in one person is rare. Thus you may be forgiven for ignoring all but the most attractive job ads out there when you have the benefit of choice.  

In the IT industry, job ads shouldn't  just be help wanted ads, they should be  little marketing clips that say " You really want to work for us, we rock! ". Companies want to attract the kind of staff that are so good at what they do, they don't NEED your job. 

I took my job because my boss read my blog before my interview, and liked what he saw there so much he created a new portfolio just for me. That sense of being chosen and cherished as an employee makes all the difference to how I do my work.  

Anyway, this is one of my pet rants, so let me stop while I am under 3000 words...

I thank Clug for making this a forum where engagement is possible. In the interest of further employment opportunities for my fellow geeks, I will endeavour not to abuse this platform. 

Christél Breedt

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