[Clug-work] clug-work Digest, Vol 49, Issue 2

Julian Gordon jewelsofthought at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 18:55:50 SAST 2009


Thanks all for this light hearted and entertaining discussion. I have 
not enjoyed a thread (of which there are not many) on this list as much 
for a while.

For me it is interesting to see how much agreement there is actually on 
the list around these issues. I propose a survey. What are the 10 or 5 
or thereabouts most positive aspects that you would want in a job, and 
what are the 5 most negative?  Though to put it in that format might 
suck all the juice out of this discussion.

For me, I have been enjoying the spirited discussion, and I thank you 
all for sharing some of the more personal aspects of our dry geekish work.

Stefano, perhaps we need a thumbs up icon, like Facebooks "I like it". 
Though it seems that my one liner was picked up by a number of 
respondants, interestingly enough.

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Stefano Rivera wrote:
> Hi Julian (2009.07.07_12:53:32_+0200)
>> I agree wholeheartedly. 
> Whoa guys. Please. We don't need to knit-pick every job opportunity posted
> here. Sure, many of us would love every posting to talk about a googlesque work
> atmosphere, flexi-time, and unlimited free caffine, but not everyone is that
> picky.
> The reputatation that CLUG seems to gaining is of an overly rule-enforcing, and
> closed-minded group. If someone posts something (often written by someone
> else), it gets picked apart in minute details, rather than just ignored.
> In my mind, if job postings on clug-work are serving a useful purpose, then we
> should accept them, and if not interested, ignore them. I'd rather make CLUG a
> better place than scare off all the new users.
> Now that I've disclaimed myself, time for some rule enforcing:
> Christel:
> * Please don't reply to digest messages, subscribe to the non-digest version,
>   or edit the subject and body appropriatly.
> * I hadn't even read your reply until now, because your reply was all quoted
>   and so I assumed you were quoting a previous message.
> Julian:
> * No "Me too" messages, please.
> SR

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