[Clug-work] Email support

Stephen stephen at tredbear.com
Wed Jan 28 12:09:11 SAST 2009


I have a client who needs email support services from a reliable 
company. Are there Cape Town based companies that provide this sort of 

Some background... currently their domain, email and website are all 
hosted through one company. This is all to move. We are redoing, and 
will be hosting, their website and will manage the domain but not the 
email (as it's not our business). Their situation is that they're about 
100+ employees and growing fast with offices across Africa. Since these 
offices are not networked my understanding is the best solution for them 
is external email hosting that each employee accesses via the Internet 
using POP and/or IMAP.

I recommended Google Apps but their question is around support. They 
want to know that there is a business that is responsible for the set up 
and maintenance of email addresses, will manage the email service, 
resolve problems that may occur, and provide a point of support that 
they can phone/email when required.

Any thoughts and recommendations are welcome.

Regards, Stephen

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