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Subject: job spec - java developer
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 10:26:32 +0200
From: Gerhard Lamprecht <GLamprecht at tmtservices.co.za>

We have 2 Java positions available

1. Is for a young junior developer
2. Is for a bit more experienced developer having some of the following

Please indicate what position you apply for.

* BSc degree (computer science / maths major)
* 3+ years Java development experience
* .Net experience an advantage (i.t.o. understanding / porting existing 
* Java2D API experience (simulation rendering)
* JMF - Java Media Framework (simulation rendering)
* Interest and/or experience in computer graphics (transformations,
translations, projections, clipping, collision detection, ray tracing, etc)
<game developers are usually good at this kind of stuff>

* Java Micro Edition (J2ME, CLDC) experience (building UIs, networking 
location APIs - for GPS, etc)
* JNI (Java Native Interface) experience

< I'm not sure if the CAN Case comes with Java libraries, in which case we
will need to bind to the native platform lilbraries through JNI. Also
required for Java based RS-232 comms, although there are open source RS-232
JNI lilbraries available if I recall. There are also native Java libraries
for the Axis cameras - I've checked that before. >

* EJB, Hibernate, Spring, Swing, JUnit (testing) experience.
* Tools: Netbeans and/or Eclipse experience
* Java packaging and deployment experience (Ant, Maven)
* JSP, Servlet, JSF, Tapestry, AJAX, JS, Laszlo experience (ie. web
technologies) an advantage, not an absolute requirement for our application.

The following would be advantageous:

* Linux background, should be comfortable working in an embedded Linux
* C/C++ experience a huge advantage (Java on the Micro is the
right way to go)

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