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Please contact Mike Dawson (see signature at bottom of message) if

As promised below is the job description for the developer position that
we have for OLPC:

Essentially they would need to make some activities using Python, and
help put up web applications for community work (e.g. Chisimba, Elgg,
Incident /Support Database)

They would then also be involved in doing training for university
students to build their capacity to do the above.

We would provide flights, accommodation, transportation in Kabul, and
food in addition to the salary of $1,300 USD per month.  We will also
provide a new laptop for the person.  We need someone coming out ASAP -
eg. as early as possible in October, staying in Kabul for 6 months. We
have two vacancies that we are looking to fill.  We have up to 12 months
available should anyone be interested in a more long term position,
which includes one return trip home for holiday.

It is going to be an extremely exciting project - one which will give
every child in all the major cities of Afghanistan a computer class, the
chance to see computer programming, and a stepping stone to one laptop
per child in Afghanistan.

As well as working to support education we will also be looking for ways
in which the laptops can finance themselves ($180 USD cost, 5 year
lifespan, $40 / year should not be too difficult) which could well
result in the project.  This could well be the key to the revolution -
and hence we are working with the Afghanistan Small and Medium
Development (ASMED) Project of USAID to accomplish that.



Position: Developer

Team: User services team

Number of people: 2x

Main responsibilities:

      * Develop / Adapt activities (programs) for Afghan Curriculum
      * Support training university students
      * Develop and finalise standard OLPC images for deployment (client
        & server)
      * Developing community web applications

Qualification & requirements:

      * Familiar with Linux platform
      * Able to specify, plan, and implement computer programs in at
        least one of the following languages:
              * Python (would be a great advantage)
              * PHP
              * Java
              * C++
              * Perl
              * Fortran
              * The primary development language on OLPC is Python –
                those that have experience in other languages can adapt
                to use Python.
      * Can deploy PHP/ MySQL open source applications to a server
      * Preferably familiar with Agile Development
      * Experience with using an IDE (Eclipse, Netbeans, Visual Studio
        or others)
              * Debugging applications
              * Using UML Tools


Mike Dawson
Deputy CEO
PAIWASTOON Networking Services Ltd.

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