[Clug-work] C/C++ and Perl developers needed

Alan McKinnon alan.mckinnon at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 15:12:26 SAST 2008

On Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 1:25 PM, Jonathan Carter (highvoltage)
<jonathan at clug.org.za> wrote:
>  * I earn more than that and I can barely program at all (not that I'm
> in a programming-specific job though), and I can in absolutely no way
> afford a nice home or to have children or even support a wife. Some
> months go by where I even make a loss if I add up all my income and
> expenses. When my father was my age (oh my God I sound like him now), he
> could do all of that with a very simple income. These days, you should
> really not even be thinking of raising a family, imho, if your combined
> salary is less than R60000 a month. Men usually make more than women, so
> unless you have a rich wife (or parents, etc), you'll probably have to
> make quite a bit more than that.

> Wow. You must have some expensive habits or something... Both my wife
> and I usually earn less than the much discussed 25k (before
> deductions), and we own 1.5 properties (the other 0.5 is owned by a
> family member). But then again, my 10-year old car is paid off and I
> live in a sub-million-rand house ;-) Suppose it has something to do
> with choices as Adrianna said.

But you aren't going to the bank today and asking for the money to buy a house 
today. I have the misfortune of having to do that right now.

The house I want is a million bucks. It's not a flashy house, it's in a nice 
suburb with 3 beds, 2 "california garages", 2 bathrooms, a playroom for the 
kids and a pool. It's also far away from father-in-law up on Northcliff hill, 
which suits me just fine. But I digress.

A million bucks is a big number but it's not a lot of money for a house. The 
million bucks is what I negotiated the price *down*to* after the insanity in 
the market of the last 18 months. I shudder to think what you guys are paying 
for houses in Cape Town - my ex tells me what she paid for hers and I wonder 
how you can afford to live if you are not already halfway through the 

Jonathan's numbers are not out the ballpark at all. Actually, they are 

alan dot mckinnon at gmail dot com

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