[Clug-work] Solaris skills needed ( in Lagos Nigeria :)

Hendrik Visage hvjunk at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 14:31:09 SAST 2008

Well, there is a spot or three available for Solaris
Administrators/Engineers here in Lagos Nigeria.

I'll not say that it's necessarily "easy" but the pay should be "well
worth the while" for the right persons/skills.

You'll "play" on E25k domains, Solaris 10 zones, help with Solaris 9
to 10 migration, get exposure to Veritas VxVM and VxFS not to mention
ZFS and SAN/fibre connectivity ;)
You'll be involved in creating zones, setting up filesystems, do
"standby", create user accounts, install new servers, patching servers
with LiveUpgrade... and all the other "fun things" related to system
administration <evilish grin>
Oh and some X4500s is apparently coming, not to mention a newer big
Sun engine etc. that should be coming...

It'll be for preferably long term (+-year type, as we'd like to see an
initial minimum 6months, as it takes about a month to get settled in
etc. but negotiatable) contract, with two weeks home leave every
3months (please refer to fine print).

Send CV/resume to hendrikv-mtn at envisage.co.za

Hendrik Visage

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