[Clug-work] C/C++ and Perl developers needed

Adrianna Pinska adrianna.pinska at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 18:19:05 SAST 2008

> Of course we could dispute the whole basis of salary determination in
> a capitalist society. But if we accept that workers should be
> financially rewarded for doing demanding work, then surely C/C++
> developers should live comfortably?

I *am* living comfortably, on a salary within the described range.  My
point is that one's definition of "living comfortably" and thus "a
good salary" can vary greatly depending on one's current and expected

I don't think that ~R20K p/m for a non-n00b programmer is as
horrendously unreasonable as a lot of people in this thread are making
it out to be.  I know that some workplaces pay more for the same level
of work -- does that mean that nobody should settle for less, or that
they will be "cheated" of their hypothetical optimum earnings if they

Not all employers can afford to offer the same kinds of salaries.
There is often a trade-off between pay and type of work.  Some people
make the informed decision to take a less-well-paying job in order to
work on something that they find really interesting.  Some people are
comfortable working as contractors, and some prefer to have a
salaried position even if it pays less, because it makes them feel
more secure.  What is the problem?

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