[Clug-work] C/C++ and Perl developers needed

JC Brand jc at upfrontsystems.co.za
Fri Sep 5 13:05:33 SAST 2008

Adrienne Kotze wrote:
> JC Brand wrote:
>> Adrienne Kotze wrote:
>>> Marius Albertyn wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> You must be looking for rank beginners...
>>>> Anyway, I've been spoiled yesterday by Alex Wiid's job-posting - 
>>>> that is how I think it should be done. Even though I'm not a 
>>>> java-scripter, it read as a very interesting position, clearly 
>>>> described and well positioned salary-wise.
>>>> C/C++, and more so, perl, proficiency is hard come by. Mere 
>>>> acquaintance with the syntax and semantics does not a competent 
>>>> programmer make.
>>>> Your salary-scale will not attract competent programmers.
>>>> Regards
>>> [snipped]
>>> Thanx Marius,
>>> Then we'll just consider ourselves very lucky, because we do have
>>> competent programmers operating in that salary-scale.
>>> Regards.
>>> |<
>> Not for long :P
> Okay point taken, then my question wil be:-
> What is a good salary today for a student that just finished his B.Sc 
> degree in Comp. Science with no experience?
> |<

My reply was in jest.

I don't necessarily think that 25k is too little, but maybe you should 
add that you are open to negotiation, so if some hotshot thinks he is 
worth more, he can prove it.

For B.Sc compi sci grads, (especially ones from Stellenbosch) just give 
them bread and water :P

Personally, I would accept a low offer if I knew there is lots of room 
for personal and salary growth... but sorry that ship has sailed :P

My advice... start low, 8k (or less) and dangle a carrot of 15k and 
later 25k to 30k in front of him/her.


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