[Clug-work] C/C++ and Perl developers needed

Adrienne Kotze adrienne.kotze at sintrex.com
Fri Sep 5 12:20:17 SAST 2008

Marius Albertyn wrote:
> Hi,
> You must be looking for rank beginners...
> Anyway, I've been spoiled yesterday by Alex Wiid's job-posting - that is how I think it should be done. Even though I'm not a java-scripter, it read as a very interesting position, clearly described and well positioned salary-wise.
> C/C++, and more so, perl, proficiency is hard come by. Mere acquaintance with the syntax and semantics does not a competent programmer make.
> Your salary-scale will not attract competent programmers.
> Regards


Thanx Marius,

Then we'll just consider ourselves very lucky, because we do have 
competent programmers operating in that salary-scale.



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