[Clug-work] C/C++ and Perl developers needed

Antoine van Gelder antoine at 7degrees.co.za
Fri Sep 5 12:25:05 SAST 2008

On 05 Sep 2008, at 10:58, Neil Blakey-Milner wrote:
> R25k isn't enough for a competent programmer?

Only if there were a lot of competent programmers looking work and you  
possessed the ability to tell them apart from their less capable peers.


That said, if I were ten years younger I'd work for R25k + significant  
equity [1] if the work were sufficiently interesting.

The time between your 20th and 30th birthday is the time when you  
should be laying the foundations for sufficient financial security to  
be able to buy a house and raise a family one day.

If you're not going to be paid an industry competitive rate during  
that time which allows you to build those kinds of foundations then  
the upside is going to have to be pretty damn big to balance the  
possibility that you wake up on the morning of your 30th birthday  
without even a pension fund to your name! [2]

- a

[1] See for e.g. http://whatmightymousehaslearned.blogspot.com/

[2] Speaks the voice of bitter experience! :-P

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